Balance can be so hard. Sometimes we feel like were not doing enough and sometimes we feel like were doing too much. Ive always found it hard to focus on myself as much as I do others. I feel guilty for everything, from the smallest thing to big things. I wish I could just have this balance perfected. Where I could be there for my loved ones the proper amount without having guilt for sometimes, just sometimes choosing myself. Be it studying or giving my soul a little break. I just always want to be that person who doesn't disappoint. I just like to be emotional aware. But maybe I need to ease back a bit. Im not trying to say I'm this amazing person who is so selfless blah blah. Im just saying that in my head, I focus a lot on my loved ones emotions and I work hard to be there for them and if I don't for some reason my guilt is crazy, like abnormally lol.

Im probably just overthinking as most girls do.

R x

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